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MOTD 22 Apr 2016SDS
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Book of the Month
by Donohoo, J. & Velasco, M.
This book acts as a guide to help school leaders shape the development of a sustainable professional learning culture. Teachers are powerful change agents in the on-going process of school improvement. This insightful guide provides practical suggestions and in-depth research. It helps readers to explore the benefits and challenges of adopting authentic teacher collaboration across schools and districts; while guiding them from theory to practice. They can learn valuable lessons from leaders’ experiences in the field and discover information, like the rationale and framework for engaging in inquiry, and the common pitfalls and the various stages of school improvement. Read more...
Archived Books of the Month
by Shirley, D., & MacDonald, E.
by Fisher,D., Frey, N. & Hite, S.A.
by Koh, H.L.J., Chai, C.S., Wong, B & Hong, H-Y.

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