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General Guidelines

1. Usage Guidelines

  • Members should place the library materials in the designated collection areas after use.
  • Members must check that the library materials in their possession have been issued to them before leaving READ@Academy.
  • Members are responsible for all library materials borrowed.
  • Materials should be returned by the due date. Otherwise, the member's borrowing privileges may be suspended.
  • Library materials are only for use within the school. Materials must not be used for fund-raising or other purposes involving the collection of money.
  • Loss of the Civil Service Card must be reported immediately to the library. This is to prevent unauthorised use of the card. Members are liable for all the loans made to their names until a report is made.
  • Any change in personal particulars should be reported for updating.

2. Copying Guidelines

Schools and MOE divisions must adhere to Section 51 and Section 52 of the Copyright Act (to make copies of books and periodicals. The photocopying must be done for the purpose of education provided for by the school/MOE division. Schools and MOE divisions may copy materials developed wholly by employees of the school or MOE e.g. MOE circulars.

Schools/MOE division can carry out multiple copying of a reasonable portion of the work which has more than 10 pages. A reasonable portion of a work is defined as less than 10% of the total number of pages or not more than 1 chapter if the work is divided into chapters. In electronic form, it should not exceed the greater of 10% of the total bytes or 1 chapter of the work.

Schools/MOE divisions cannot copy 2 or more articles contained in the same periodical publication unless the articles relate to the same subject matter. The following links contain more information on Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright: